Tea and Tarot – First Friday of the Month 7pm

Magick City Pagans – 4th Friday of the Month 7pm

All Witchcraft Classes require a Google account, as we use Google Class room.  Please Download the App on your phone.

Witchcraft 101 – April 9th, 2019
Tuesday 6pm

Witchcraft 200 – April 9th, 2019
Tuesday 7pm

Witchcraft 401 – April 2019

Witchcraft 400 – In Progress

Wicca 100 – April 7th, 2019
1:00pm -3:30pm

(Does not require a google account)

Witchcraft 300 In Progress

Full Contact Tarot by Skagi
Saturday April 13th

Runes Class
Saturday May 18th