Tarot by Raven

Raven ~

As a young girl I was always very interested in anything to do with Witchcraft and magic. At the age of 14 I found that witches truly existed and it was not all fairy tales. So, I started reading and the first book I picked up was, “The Diary of a Witch”, by Sybil Leek. I was so fascinated that I continued my studies, finally at the age of 23 I dedicated myself in the woods of Norway to the Mother and Father. I have also studied and have done readings for others for the past 30 years and have felt the joy of helping others via Tarot. I have been a high priestess of a coven as well as a solitary witch for many years. I truly love helping people, with counseling and in any other way possible. With my extensive experiences in life I find that I have a unique talent in deciphering the Tarot cards in such a manner that it truly helps both them and myself